a�?Journey of the Soula�? College Seminar in Bhubaneswar at BEC

Posted on March 31, 2015 by navalatika

By the causeless mercy of Srila Gurudeva and the Vaisnavas, our JayA�Shree Damodar Gaudiya Matha preaching team is presently doing another six-day college seminar in Bhubaneswarat the BhubaneswarEngineeringCollege(BEC). The seminar was nameda�?Journey of the Soula�?.

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The director of the college, a devotee of the Lord Jagannath, was supportive of the seminar and allowed the use of a large lecture hall that can seat more than 300 students. The lecture hall has two large screens.

Every day, the lecture hall is completely packed with interested students, who were embarking on their soula��s journey in the form of these presentations and trying to understand who their really were, who is Bhagavan, what is their relationship with Lord and what is their actual duty in life? Many students have been coming and discussing with the brahmacaris after the seminar and are very interested. Already a group have organised who will perform kirtana every Saturday evening!!

Twenty five students have shown a bit more commitment. A bus has been organised to take these students as well as interested students from the previous preaching seminars to visit JayShree Damodar Gaudiya Matha in Puri, Sakhi Gopal, SiddhA� Bakul and also have darsan of Lord Jagannath.

There was also a booktable during the seminar, where the students were offered a special 40% discount. Many students signed up for the Harikatha mailinglist and the brahmacaris are still trying to stay in touch with themvia SMS messages.

The preaching team from Jay Shree Damodar Gaudiya Matha hopes to continue to expand such programs inmany more colleges in Orissa and especially Bhubaneswar which itself has more than 60 colleges.

Now the devotees have rent an apartment on main National Highway-5 for minimum of 3 years. This apartment consists of a large room for katha and kirtan and another big 5 rooms that can host about 15-20 brahmacaris.

We are also going to start Sunday programme in new centre where we are going to incite these students every Sunday and have Bhagvad Gita classes for them.

If devotees are interested in helping us in the form of sponsoring books for distribution, sponsoring Prasad for devotees, book distribution, kirtana or whatever seva they are interested in which will help the devotees in doing follow-up programs and continuing the preaching and serving the mission of Srila Gurudeva and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Please contact Sunder Gopal Das (sundergopaldas@gmail.com, 07853927185) for more information.