Jiva’s find the Vani in Manali

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Anita dasi

A collective poem inspired by our six weeks of kirtan and book distribution in Manali, India.

We sing to a sea of shoppers adrift in softies and selfies,

Who can’t help but smile at such a sight:

Amidst the chaos of the mall, we share this treasure-trove of truth for all.

“The deal is one selfie, one book! Hindi? English? Punjabi? Bengali? Do take a look.

You don’t already own every book?

Here’s one meant just for your hand, a window to the spiritual land.”

An army of street kids help canvas the crowd

To be heard amid discord, we sing mighty loud

Old friends and new join the kirtan: dancing families, giddy honeymooners, Punjabi partyers, Sai Baba bellowers, Rajasthani sarangi harmonizers

BOOM shakalaka shakalaka shaka BOOM

Goes the kola. Ting tiki tiki tik ting go the karatalas

Pahari pattu-clad women watch in wonderment,

Arrows from the Americas aimed back to Bharat, land of light

I pray to guru to aim me right