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Posted on November 24, 2012 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by Sripad Niskincina Maharaja

In mid June, the Gaudiya Girls Book Distribution party had set up a book table in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. A 21 year-old boy, Jeff, who had chosen to live on the streets, visited the table for two consecutive days and received several books and some prasadam.  He spoke with a number of the ladies, and Lasika from Badger and Radhika from the Bay area especially encouraged him to attend the Badger festival that was coming up shortly. They gave him the information and directions.

After the festival he stayed on in Badger. In the ensuing months of July, August, and September, he attended morning Srimad Bhagavatam classes and evening Jaiva Dharma classes. He also chanted a minimum of sixteen rounds a day, studied Bhagavad-Gita daily and did his temple service.

The result: he got a real taste and decided to be a full time devotee. He purchased a ticket to India for Kartika and will be going with Lasika didi and Thakur Prabhu.

Book distribution is not limited to distributing books. It means endeavoring on behalf of our Gurudeva to fan whatever spark of Krsna Consciousness that be ignited in our encounter with the souls we meet. The extra effort of the devotee ladies to encourage Jeff to take the next step is an example.


Jeff at Ter Kadamba during Vraja Mandala Parikrama


  1. Hrishikesh Dasa
    6 years ago

    Fabulous! So encouraging…

  2. Vaijayanti mala dasi
    6 years ago

    My pranam to you, Sripada Niskincina Maharaja.

    I really appreciate the thought provoking nature of your report. Thank you.

    Aspiring to serve Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas

    Vaijayanti mala dasi

  3. mathuranatha das
    6 years ago

    Dandavats Maharaja ,your article made me very happy and confirmed my own perspective . Thank you so much
    My understanding is that distributing books to new people is meant to convince them to take up Bhakti . So where will they learn how to sing bajans , chant jappa , worship Takurji and Tulasi and who will they do sankirtan with and hear and discuss tattva and lila kartar with, if reading the books inspires them to do so?
    I hope you can write more articles etc to counteract the entrenched aversion within much of Gurudevas sanga towards Maths/ashrams/temples in the west . Surely we need places where new people who read the books can come and actually learn how to execute Bhakti?
    Radhe Radhe !!
    Your servant Mathuranatha Das