If You Get Money, Print Books

Posted on July 25, 2011 by admin-vasanti

Quote by Srila Prabhupada, June 20, 1975, Los Angeles

I have no personal qualification, but I simply tried to satisfy my guru. That’s all. My Guru Maharaja asked me that “If you get some money, you print books.” So there was a private meeting, talking, some of my important Godbrothers also there. It was in Radha-kunja. So Guru Maharaja was speaking to me that “Since we have got this Bagh Bazaar marble temple, there has been so many dissensions, and everyone thinking who will occupy this room or that room, that room. I wish, therefore, to sell this temple and the marble and print some book.” Yes. So I took up this from his mouth, that he is very fond of books. And he told me personally that “If you get some money, print books.” Therefore I am stressing on this point: “Where is book? Where is book? Where is book?” So kindly help me. This is my request. Print as many books in as many languages and distribute throughout the whole world. Then Krsna consciousness movement will automatically increase. Now the educated learned scholars, they are appreciating our movement by reading books, by taking practical result. Dr. Stillson Judah, he has written one book, perhaps you know, Hare Krsna and Counterculture, a very nice book about our movement, and he is giving importance. He has admitted that “Swamiji, you have done wonderful thing because you have turned the drug-addicted hippies into devotees of Krsna, and they are prepared for the service of humanity.” Prabhupada: This is the blessing of my Guru Maharaja. He wanted it. And because we are trying to do this, he is giving us all blessings. He told me personally, “I wanted to sell this marble and publish some books.” Calcutta, that Gaudiya Matha is also marble floor. Now, he said that “Since this temple has been given by Mr. Datta, our men are fighting, ‘Which room I shall occupy?’ So I know there will be blazing fire here. So before that, I wanted to get out this marble and sell it and turn into some books.” He told me, like that. So I noted down that, that he wants books. So I tried to do that. That’s all.