Help To Send Srila Gurudevaa��s Spanish Books To Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Posted on July 29, 2012 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by: Indira dasi

Many of us have never heard about Cochabamba in Bolivia but this community of Gurudevaa��s devotees is the second largest in South America after Brasil. About 50 devotees live there and up to 80 live in the whole country. Bolivia is the poorest country in the South American continent next to Haiti. It is for this reason that you dona��t see many Bolivian devotees traveling for the parikramas to the Dhama.

For the last two years they have had no books for distribution. The cost of the shipping from India to EEUU makes it impossible to afford them. PGV (Publicaciones Gaudiya Vedanta) has 23,000 books in Mexico DF but no money to send them out. A� In Cochabamba, Sucre, Santa Cruz there are experienced book distributors A�like Golokanath Das, Syamal Krsna Das, Lila Madhuri Didi, Visakha Didi, Ekanath das, HariKanta Das, Sucitra dasi and others that are just waiting for books to go out in sankirtan parties for different towns in Bolivia like they have done in the past.

They distribute them also at festivals when the preaching A�sannyasis like Sripad Vana Maharaja or Sripad Sajjam Maharaja visit or at any other Vaishnava calendar celebrations like Janmastami, Baladeva Purnima, Guru Purnima, Radhastami, Vyasapuja, Tirobhav Mahotsava, and Goura Purnima where over a 100 people counting devotees and guest get together. A�Because of the strategic situation of this country right on the heart of the South American continent many devotees from Chile, Argentina, and Peru visit them for festivals and they will also be able to take books from Cochabamba to their countries expanding our reach.

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Cochabamba is a very special and sweet community that considers it an honor to be able to continue with their guru-seva. A�It is a unique opportunity to help spread the teachings of our beloved Srila Gurudeva in Spanish speaking countries that are so much devoid of our attention but with a great potential of spreading Mahaprabhua��s mission.

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