Gurudeva is always inspiring, Book Distribution at his Samadhi, Gaura Purnima

Posted on April 2, 2014 by navalatika

Submitted by Navalatika dasi

All Glories to Sri Sri Guru Gouranga Radha Vinoda Bihariji ki jay!

At this Navadvipa Parikrama we were doing the book stand inside the temple, but we wanted to reach more people so we thought to get a table outside. At the beginning we had some difficulties to set up the table, such as where can we find the table? Will there be any space for the table? Many devotees have tables already outside with many different thing to sell, so maybe they won’t allow us to be there? Many local people were coming and they are not so well educated and sometimes they get little crazy when they see westerns girls, so in this way many things come in the mind and create obstacles for not  doing the service. Many “No’s” came in my mind like this, and I was not so willing to do it… but also inside of me I knew that is the service for Guru and it does not matter what I want or what I don’t want – it’s just for His service.

 Many times I do only the service that I like, and I don’t do the service that I don’t like.. but this is real service? I am doing this for me? Or, to please Gurudeva? I start to reflect on that. What does Gurudeva really want? What actions should I have to please Him? Finally how he will be pleased with me? I also recalled one quote from Srila Prabhupada that he used to say: “The word NO only exist in a fool’s dictionary.” So many times I was determined for material things, so why not be for spiritual things?

So I prayed deeply in my heart to Gurudeva: “You brought me here to the holy dhama, this is what you want me to do so I’ll do it, because I’m a beggar at your door, and I want your mercy. I really want you to be pleased with me, because I love you.”

And then a wonderful thing started to happen: we got the table and the spot easily, and even the people around the table were nice to me, so I started with the table outside for the next days.

Many Bengali people approached the table, and looked at the books even if we had only in English, they were so attracted to the new calendar, with the pictures, they were smiling, giving respect to them, and also many were so enchanted with the art, posters and cards. And many books were sold like the new ones: the song book, The Discerning the True Sentiments of the Soul, Param Gurudeva’s biography, etc

I was only thinking such gifts Gurudeva gave to us as this wonderful books must be distributed – like he said: “all my books for all” so something inside of me really changed.

So finally the day of Gaura Purnima arrived and we decided to have a book table near Gurudeva’s Samadhi and I said to myself “I don’t want to be there alone ” but again one thought came out, “Oh foolish girl you are not alone, here is Gurudeva’s Samadhi, you’ll be with him! What else could you ask?!

So I started to set up one table with the same books and suddenly a lot of people approached the table, like in massive way and they wanted to buy everything! Like a market!! Was crazy! Thanks to my sister Kunja Kalika dasi came and helped me. After that we had to put a second table with more books! So many devotees came to look at the books and to ask about them, so it was really nice and fun. We had been there for hours! It was amazing to be able to offer them such unparalleled literature!

And being there right at his Samadhi was magical! The energy was so special and full of blessings, that in my heart I could feel Him strongly. So it was confirmed that the only way to be related to Guru is through service.

So what I want to say with this small report is that before I was shy and insecure to do book distribution, I could choose to do any other service because with book distribution you have to deal with the people outside and sometimes you don’t know how to do it or how to approach them.

But we are here for the spiritual advancement and only this can be get when you please Guru, he is the only one who can give you bhakti. Guru nistha. He is arranging the specific service for you for you to come to Him, and only is the mind who is against that, and only is the mind which create obstacles because always “the environment is perfect”. And of course the false ego that only wants to do what he wants or what he likes but this is no real service. And we need to purify that.

From this experienced I can say with certainty that Gurudeva always helps when you pray to Him sincerely, and He is always with you. Some special feeling sprouted in my heart for this service is like I want always be distributing his books and I want to tell everybody what my Guru teaches about The Real Love for God.

So we need to be prepare for any service that He asks from us.

Aspiring to serve,

Navalatika dasi