For Distribution: New Three-Fold Mahamantra Pamphlets

Posted on January 16, 2013 by sanatana

Recently, Mexican graphic designer Iccha-mayi dasi created a beautiful pamphlet introducing the glories of harinama. This three-fold, two-sided, full-color brochure is perfect for wide distribution and includes all contact information for the GVP and our sanga (,, etc.). We are making the hi-resolution files available here for wide distribution. We suggest that sanga leaders and those who feel so inspired please download and print these flyers in large quantities. They can then be distributed amongst the devotees to aid in their preaching. Whether they are placed in coffe houses, retail shops, yoga studios, or used in daily hand-to-hand distribution, these pamphlets are sure to act as a great tool to help our Srila Gurudeva in his mission to spread the teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

The images below are full-color, hi-resolution files of both the front and back of the pamphlet. Therefore, they are approximately 5-6mb each and may take some time to download.
















To download, please right-click each image and select “Save Link As”.

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  1. subalsakha das
    5 years ago

    hare krishna and dandavat pranams to all
    superb pumphlet.