Eco village in Russia

Posted on May 13, 2012 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna.

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Gurudeva, all glories to Sri Sri Gauranga Radha Govindaji.

Last week we stayed in a really nice place in the middle of the Russian village. This is an eco community with wise, talented and open
people. We became friends with one of them when we were preaching in aurvedic resort in Kerala. And now we went to his place. There were 3 of us: Madhavananda, Pareshananda (new disciple of Sripad Damodar Maharaj, to whom my husband preached to in Puri) and me. We decided to spend a few days to make friendship and preach effectively.

People are inquisitive, some of them already read some books of Srila Prabhupada and  Radhanath Swami, one couple have been in India… They follow Ekadashi (they did it according to Russian lunar calendar so I taught them where they can look Vaishnava calendar for their place) and they strictly fast on these days, keeping nirjal. Seeing this we was really inspired. So when we was there we celebrated Ekadashi and
Narasimha Caturdasi and we narrated them the story of Narasimhadeva.

When one of the leader saw me reading the Rays of the Harmonist with Srila Gurudeva she was completely astonished. She took the magazine and kept it for a few days in her room (she doesn’t know English as well) after she told to all girls that they should look on his picture very attentively, remember and ask him for help in every occasion because he is “God’s person”. She told that Srila Gurudeva has knowledge that was received directly from God.

She is the leader of the center of “conscious parenthood”, under her guidance people there keep a very lovable mood, speaking without negative words in order to be in sattva and harmony. They never criticize anyone… They are vegetarians (but some of them still are
taking eggs) and they offer their food to the Lord. They use their own language and  they weren’t sure about the personality of the Lord because of lack of knowledge so we described it according to Vaishnava understanding.

They all were happy to receive posters with books that we brought to them as well as Syamarani didis paintings – thanks to the GVP sponsorship program for their kind donation of books and posters.

And we did nice kirtans, one time even with shaman tambourines. They want to invite sannyasis there so may be next year we arrange
some programs like this with Gurudeva’s senior disciples.

You can see this kirtan here:

You can also look at some other photos on facebook

Humbly aspiring to become dasanudasi,

Snigdha dasi