Depending On Books

Posted on July 27, 2013 by admin-vasanti

Nowadays I see that devotees have so many problems,
and because of these problems, they cannot chant regularly.
SometimesA�they are restless and upset, and thus they give up
worshipingA�a?�hA?kurjA� (the Deity), chanting, remembering, and
reading books. I have come to remind you to not be like that; do
not be weak. Your suffering will increase by whatever you are
doing to decrease it. So, dona��t be upset; rather try to chant more
and read more. When reading the books of AsrA�la BhaktivedA?nta
SvA?mA� MahA?rA?ja, you should think, a�?He is instructing me.a�?
If you are reading a book of AsrA�la RA�pa GosvA?mA�, think that
AsrA�la RA�pa GosvA?mA� is speaking to you; and if you are reading
AsrA�mad-BhA?gavatam, think that AsrA�la Asukadeva GosvA?mA� and
AsrA�la VyA?sadeva are speaking to you. And, always pray to Lord
Krsna and AsrA� Gurudeva to sprinkle their mercy upon you.

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