Chandigar Book Distribution

Posted on June 11, 2012 by Anita dasi

Chandigar, India

By Gayatri dasi


I came to Chandigar for book distribution during the program of Srila Vigayan Bharati Maharaja because I want the association of a high Vaisanavas, and I am also interested to spend time with Punjabi people. My previous experience in Haridwar was that the Punjabi people had mood that they were better than the locals. For this reason I wanted to go to Punjab and understand these people more deeply. Once I spent some time in Chandigar, I could understand they come from a modern, clean, intelligent, educated, beautiful community. Many people there are not interested  in spiritual life. They say they don’t like Sri Krsna, Siva Ji, Kali mata; they have more mayavadi ideas. They know about Sri Krsna, but say they are not interested.


Many people who were not interested would at least offer respect to the books with folded hands. I think this is good because even if they don’t take the book now, by offering respect in the future they will be able to take the books.


One time we were sitting in the park relaxing after book distribution. One Sikh boy come alone and said, “Hey what is this? Please tell me about God.” We spent a long time preaching. He had so many deep questions. We tried to satisfy him with our answers. He listened very peacefully and with an open  mind. We gave him free books as a present because he didn’t have any money with him in the park. We invited him to the evening program. We invite many people to the program but know that they probably will not come, but he came that night with his friend. They also came two more nights after that and bought many books from our table.

My experiences again confirmed to me that those who have sucretee buy the book. Sometimes I would offer books to many people who would not take and then suddenly someone would come from the other side of the street and take a book.


One day in the park one man  said, “I am crying for the degradation of Indian culture and  how they are turning to Western culture.”  He was saying how happy he was that we were coming from different foreign countries and  helping to give back this culture. Though many people in this region don’t know about Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, he did and said he was so happy to see our seva.


Punjabi people have the mood that they will die to help you.  Their hospitality is extraordinary. Especially they have such wonderful food they like to share.  We were able to meet many nice new friends, and went to their homes for kirtan and harikatha. There is so much potential for our sanga’s preaching in Punjab.


On a personal level, I would especially like to thank the people who support the book sponsorship program , because when preaching I see many people become happy from contact with the books and Sri Krsna and my own beliefs become stronger.