Books to Bangalore University

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Anita dasi
by Abhirama dasa
In Bangalore,  india there is a University called S-VYASA.  It has monthly yoga instructor courses with people from all around India and the world and every week a new bus load of participants come for yoga therapy. The University has students studying bachelors, masters, and Phd. in yoga and many must do research projects combining ancient yogic wisdom and modern day research techniques.
Srila Gurudeva’s books were placed in the library of this hub of traditional spiritual wisdom and science based approach to yoga. They were also placed in the book store amongst many other spiritual authors and teachers. The books will be  appreciated as a unique explanation on Bhakti yoga which the university upholds as one of its main branches, however does not have the approach which has been explained by Sri Chaitanya and His followers.