Books in Maharashtra, India

Posted on July 27, 2012 by Anita dasi
Report by Subal Sakha das
The books I took from Navadvipa this year were distributed as follows:
  • A few selected books to the founder of Madhur Sanskriti Kendra in Yawal Maharashtra India.
  • Two books were sent to the principal of Boarding school in Maharashtra for his personal reading to develop interest and purchase all Gurudev books for his school library. I have not received any feedback if they are ready to purchase but have received a call thanking for books we sent and he was really impressed by deep philosophy about Gaudiya Siddhanta presented in book.
  • Few books are sent to one of the Independent preaching center run by few Bhramacharis (my old colleges) in Ahmadabad Gujrat. They don’t have any source of income but have deep desire to preach the Mission of Sirla Prabhupada ( Founder Acharaya Iskcon) and are working hard for preaching in Gujarat. Although following line of ISKCON but have faith in Gurudev and are reading Gurudev books for last few years and sometimes join our parikama for few days.
Unfortunately I don’t have any photographs to share with you but can assure you these Gurudev books are distributed to those who really need them most and can get max benefit. Although I collected very few books and hence distributed them as sample to these few leaders who can be of help for preaching the mission of Lord Chaitanya and to take the teachings of Gurudev to masses.