Books in Maharashtra, India

Posted on July 27, 2012 by Anita dasi
Report by Subal Sakha das
The books I took from Navadvipa this year were distributed as follows:
  • A few selected books to the founder of Madhur Sanskriti Kendra in YawalA�MaharashtraA�India.
  • TwoA�books were sent to the principal of Boarding school inA�MaharashtraA�for his personal reading to developA�interestA�and purchase all Gurudev books for his schoolA�library. I have not received any feedback if they are ready to purchase but have received a call thanking for books we sent and he was really impressed by deepA�philosophy about Gaudiya Siddhanta presented in book.
  • Few books are sent to one of the Independent preaching center run by few Bhramacharis (my oldA�colleges) inA�AhmadabadA�Gujrat. TheyA�don’tA�have any source of income but have deep desire to preach the Mission of Sirla Prabhupada ( Founder Acharaya Iskcon) and are working hard for preaching inA�Gujarat. AlthoughA�followingA�line of ISKCON but have faith in Gurudev and are reading Gurudev books for last few years and sometimes join our parikama for few days.

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UnfortunatelyA�IA�don’tA�have any photographs to share with you but can assure you these Gurudev books are distributed to those who really need them most and can get maxA�benefit. Although I collected very few books and hence distributed them as sample to these few leaders who can be of help for preaching the mission of LordA�Chaitanya and to take the teachings of Gurudev to masses.