Book Distribution in Puebla, Mexico

Posted on August 9, 2015 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna!

All glory to Sri Guru and Gauranga!

Dandavat pranams dear devotees,

We are very happy to share our humble book distribution story with you because it is proof that ANYONE can do it. Vasanti didi and the GVP where very kind and sponsored some books for our program a few months ago and by the grace of Srila Gurudev we have been doing two kinds of book distribution: we´ve been distributing books to devotees and friends of the devotees that come to the programs; and we´ve been distributing books at our vegan cooking workshops…

To put things into context let me tell you a little bit about Puebla. It´s a medium size city not far (about an hour) from Mexico city, very pious (in some areas they have a catholic church for every day of the year, that´s 364 + churches) but also very conservative (oldschool). And sadly, very few devotees, and even less devotees from our sanga. Sometimes some devotees come from Mexico city, otherwise our programs are very small, but thankfully constant.

That said, lets start.

PART 1. Books for devotees and friends of the devotees

The few devotees that live here haven´t had much association for a loooong time (years), so the books come as priceless jewels that will keep them, and us, motivated and inspired until a sadhu comes along (or a new book).

(This is from BV Sajan Maharaj´s visit last year)

(Madhavi didi (far right), Gurudev´s diksa disciple, spent years without association and now she is super motivated and happy reading Gurudev´s books in spanish)

Gradually by Gurudev´s will and with a lot of tears, our programs have become steady and constant, and we are so happy because now there´s almost always someone new…

(These are Conchita and Paulina with their new books after Prasad at our Sunday program)

So these books have come to give us strength and inspiration so we can keep ourselves in service of Guru and Gauranga by coming together and chanting every week, maintaining a place where eager souls can come and find in Gurudev´s words and in the maha-mantra all answers.

PART 2. Book distribution at vegan cooking workshops

Jay Govinda prabhu and I have been organizing some vegan workshops for the last few months and have been having so much fun, it´s so easy to talk to the people who come about Krsna consciousness and invite them over to our programs, they are always happy to take one of Srila Gurudev´s books and eat prasadam.

(This is Ana Gabriela with a copy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu-The golden avatar. She makes vegan tamales)

(This is Luis, he looks a little serious in the picture because he is very shy, but he is actually super sweet. He is an animal rights activist)

(And this is Amaranta. She is a buddhist, but she always comes to our programs and loves to sing, she says her song is Ohe! Vaisnava Thakura, and she always sings it when we are doing bhajans, her aunt used to be a devotee (she passed away) and sang to her Krsna lullabies when she was a baby)

So this is our story. If we can do it… anyone can. Old devotees becoming strong again, new devotees becoming inspired and many interesting friends of Krsna coming and chanting and having prasad and a lot of fun. Hope Gurudev is pleased so we can keep doing this and one day become qualified to serve him and the devotees.

Jay Gurudev!

Radhe Radhe!

Iccamayi dasi (Mexico)


  1. Anjali dasi
    3 years ago

    Nice one Icha ji!
    I am happy to have a report of what you guys do.
    So you two are teaching vegan cooking?
    I will presume your prasadam at the preaching centre is vegan too?

    Yesterday on Ekadasi I went to your Gurudeva’s math. It’s just less than 10 minutes walk from where I’ve been staying for the past week and I had not been there yet because of the festival keeping me busy.
    When I did pranam at samadhi I offered pranam from you and a couple of other devotees 🙂
    Radhe Radhe!!!

    Please send vegan tamales 🙂

  2. jagatam
    3 years ago

    Oh, thank you for this glorious description of your glorious activities. These activities are very dear to the Lord and to our whole parampara. Thank you so much – It is so inspiring!