Book distribution in Jagannath Puri and Alalanath

Posted on July 25, 2013 by navalatika

Submitted by Rasesvari dasi

This year, I came to Jagannatha Puri to witness the bathing ceremony of Lord Jagannatha.A� I came to stay in Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math, Grand Road, where at the same time Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Maharaja was staying.A� For this reason so many other devotees gather there to get his sadhu-sanga.A� When I came, I was holding in my heart a desire to do kirtan for Lord Jagannatha.A� But suddenly, Srila Gurudeva inspired me to invite devotees and organize a kirtan and book distribution party outside of Sri Jagannatha Mandira.

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In this way, we started going daily to perform our kirtan and book distribution ten days before Lord Jagannatha’s bathing ceremony.A� Sri Damodara Gaudiya Math, the preaching center founded by Srila Gurudeva in Jagannatha Puri, gave us all facilities to perform our service.A� We got a book table and all the new Oriya books that were printed this year, such as The Nectar of Govinda-lila, Sri Upadesamrita, Harinama-Mahamantra, Giti-guccha and so many other new titles.

In the beginning, we were only four devotees.A� We put the table with the books in front of us, and behind we were doing kirtan.A� This way, our beginning was very simple, with only Karuna-mayi dasi, Tungavidya dasi, Doyal Hari das (all from Russia) and myself.A� Immediately, the crowd surrounded us and pounced on the books.A� Some of them participated with us in the kirtan, dancing and singing.A� Even the newspaper came to take pictures.

So the books were distributed nicely.A� We continued to go to Sri Mandira daily, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.A� The following days, even more devotees joined the program, like Yamuna dasi (from America), Anjali dasi, Sukada dasi, Bakula dasi, and Savitri dasi.A� Everything became more alive, and the book distribution grew even more successful.


The pilgrims were very happy participating in kirtan.A� In this way all of us experienced great joy in service to Srila Gurudeva.A� Even the cows came to join kirtan when we sang the name of Govinda.A� I was also feeling that Lord Jagannatha was bestowing His mercy upon us.

After Jagannatha’s Snana-Yatra, the Lord closed His darshan.A� All the pilgrims then directed themselves towards Alalanatha instead, trying to get His darshan, because at this time, darshan of this Deity is the same as Lord Jagannatha.A� Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, at this time, went every year to Alalanatha to cool His fire of separation from Lord Jagannatha.

.A� Following in the footsteps of Mahaprabhu, we went to Alalanatha where we performed our kirtan and book distribution.A� Eight devotees were there, and everything was very successful.

Govinda Madhava Prabhu (from USA) distributed Alalanatha kitchri maha-prasad to more than one thousand pilgrims in one weekend.A� We never needed to get permission from the police or anyone to perform this seva.A� We just sat there with our books and even the pandas of the temple and police came to buy the books.This made me think that we actually had the permission of the Supreme Lord Himself.A� He is the real and only boss, and everything is under His control: Sri Krishna.

In total, with ten days of distribution, we sold approximately six hundred books.A� In our hearts remained the feeling to continue serving Sri Guru and Vaisnavas in the next maha book distribution at Ratha Yatra festival.A� We are waiting just here to receive the blessings of the Supreme Lord of the Universe, Jagannatha, who is coming out of His Mandira to ride His cart toward Gundica Mandira by His causeless mercy.

Thank you so much to the Vaisnavas in Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math on Grand Road for allowing us to stay there, and also to the Vaisnavas in Sri Brahmagiri Gaudiya Math, Alalanath, for their help and support.

Patita-pavana Sri Jagannatha deva ki jaya!

Sri Gaura-Hari ki jaya!

Aspiring for the service to Sri Guru and Vaisnavas,

Rasesvari dasi