Book Distribution in Birmingham

Posted on October 22, 2012 by admin-vasanti

Book distribution in Birmingham



All Glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

All Glories to Sri Sri Radha Vinode Bihari!

First of all I would like to thank all the devotees who are distributing Srila Gurudeva’s books, for posting all the wonderful reports, and for giving good ideas on how to distribute the books and inspiring all the other devotees to do it and all those who help to distribute books by sponsoring them like Syamarani didi and Vasanti didi. My dandavat pranams to all of them. By Srila Gurudeva’s mercy I felt inspired to distribute Srila Gurudeva’s mercy in the form of books after seeing all these reports so I contacted Vasanti didi and asked for some books to distribute and she gave me £100 worth of books.

The books that I received are Sri Bhajana Rahasya, Brahma Samhita, Sri Upadesamrta, The origin of Ratha Yatra, Gopi Gita, Dasavatara (coloring book for children), Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu Bindu, Prabandhavali…


I have been doing book table in Birmingham city center 3 or 4 days a week and also going to some charity shops like Oxfam and second-hand bookshops in Harborne, Moseley, Mere Green, Coleshill, etc. where I give 2 or 3 copies of each book.

In the book table I meet all kinds of beople in the book table, like christians (they come to protest “jesus is the only way to God”), muslims (most of them just want to argue about why do we worship “idols”, but some young ones are quite open minded”), rastafaris, there is many “hindu” Indians also.

One boy came and gave a donation without wanting to take a book, but I gave him the way of Love, after a while he came and asked me if we follow Jesus Christ because Srila Gurudeva mentions him in the book, so that led us to an interesting conversation about the essence of religion and the age of kali yuga etc. and he told me that in general the religious people preach about peace and loving God and all other living beings, but they don’t actually follow this principles and that he thinks that we Hare Krishnas are really practicing what we preach because we don’t argue with people of other religions so much like muslims and christians and we are happily chanting Hare Krishna in the streets…

Abhimanyu prabhu, a devotee who lives near the temple goes every day to Birmingham city center and distributes incense and books, and we often do Harinam sankirtan together, some people join us dancing and singing.

I am happy to do this service for Srila Gurudeva and I pray that by their causeless mercy I will always be engaged in the service  of of  Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas.


Hari das



  1. Venu Gopal
    6 years ago

    This is awesome! Haridas prabhu is flying the true saffron flag!

    • Haridas
      6 years ago

      Thanks for the compliment Venu Gopal prabhu, I wish I was qualified to wear this saffron robes…

      Today I met one Indian man from Mathura who gave me £20 for one Bhagavad Gita…Also on man from India who was born in a muslim family but converted to Christian later on, came to the book table and asked me if the books were about hinduism and I replied that hindusism is not the original name, the actual name is Vaishnavism or Sanatan Dharma and that the mohamedans gave the name because of the river indos… etc. he was in a challenging mood thinking that he knew a lot because he is from India and he began asking questions about the caste system etc. I answered all of them as far as I was capable of. There were 2 boys watching the scene and listening. The man who was asking the questions was not really listening to my answers and just changed to another question after I replied… after sometime he left frustrated. The two boys told me that that man was very narrow minded and they seemed to like my answers so they took a book each one and I invited one of them to come to the temple. I remember I was praying to Srila Gurudeva to inspire me with the right answers to the questions of than challenging man… We can’t do anything without Srila Gurudeva. Whatever we achieve is only by his mercy. All glories to Srila Gurudeva. Hare Krishna