Bhaktifest, 2016

Posted on October 15, 2016 by vasantidasi


Bhaktifest is always a special weekend. This year, our booth was moved from a quiet area (where workshops are held), close to the main stage where all the music is performed. We were concerned before the festival started about where our booth would be, and once we were setup and the festival began, we realized it was a superb spot as then people could hear the music and spend time with us at our booth. Also, if someone doesn’t go to a workshop where are booth used to be, then they would never see us.


This year, Radha dasi came which was super! She is a natural book distributor and extremely outgoing so would call people walking by into the booth. On Radhastami, she cooked a sumptuous pasta which we distributed to the many guests who came to our booth for kirtan and abhiseka of Radha-Govinda. She also led that abhiseka and helped to make Radhastami a special day for us all. Vijay prabhu, Rasika and Jahnava dasis led an amazing kirtan in the booth and many devotees and guests sang and danced, and all got to bathe Thakurji. We were all so enlivened.


Shivananda sena dasa and Krsnamayi dasi are steady sevakas at the Bhaktifest booth. So many people who regularly attend remember them from previous years and come to the booth out of their natural affection for them both. Shivananda and Krsnamayi treat everyone with such care and develop nice relationships that endear people to them and ultimately to Srila Gurudeva’s books.


Devamayi dasi is also so friendly and sincere – bringing the many people she meets at the festival to the booth and shares the books with them in such a natural way.

We always hear how books have lives of their own and how people have found Srila Prabhupada’s books in amazing places. I heard two great stories at Bhaktifest. One we recorded, here is the link:

The other was a woman who has bought Srila Gurudeva’s books from us in the past, and now came looking for a book she found on the table in a devotee restaurant in New Mexico. She said to me, “It was about the karuna of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.” I immediately grabbed the Gift of Mahaprabhu off the table, and she said, “Yes, that was the one.” How it got to New Mexico…

We were all missing our beloved Syamarani didi so much. Not just us aspiring devotees who were at the booth, but tons of people would come to the booth and ask us, “Is the artist here? Is Syamarani dasi here? One person said, “I met her while she was painting at Shaktifest and took a picture with her.” All were so sad to hear she wasn’t able to make it this year due to health and all sent prayers for her quick healing and to be at Shaktifest in May.

Transcendental Book Distribution ki jaya!

Aspiring for the service of the Vaisnavas,

Vasanti dasi