Benefiting Others – Inspiring Ourselves

Posted on July 29, 2012 by Anita dasi

glucophage without prescription On Gaura Purnima 2012, the devotees were permitted to take as many books as they wanted for to distribute them in their respective hometowns. I like to distribute books in the trains in India, because the people are relaxed, have time to speak and to read. Therefore I took approx. 150 small books, named the Butter Thief and Caitanya Mahaprabhua��s teachings and on our journey back to Vrndavana I distributed them in the train. I met some nice, young people, who showed a lot of interest. So I took their phone numbers and e-mail addresses and stay in contact with them. I more and more understand, why our Srila Gurudev has put so much emphasis on distributing His books. It is so beneficial for all the living entities and so inspiring for ourselves.

Jaye Srila Gurudev,

Aspiring for the service of the Vaisnavas,

Bakula d.d.