A Young Couple

Posted on July 27, 2012 by Anita dasi

byA�Chandra-kala dasi, Australia

The other day a young couple came by. They were thinking to come and stay with us on our property. They like the deovtees but had not had much contact. They really wanted neck beads and jappa beads. I felt shy to give them. So I offered some to Srila Gurudeva and told them if they wanted them they should take from Srila Gurudeva. average price of flagyl Then we gave them some books – Harinama Mahamantra, Understanding Sri Guru, Way of Love, Secrets of the Undiscovered Self and Srila Prabhupadaa��s Chant and Be Happy. They also wanted a Bhagavad-gita. I didna��t have an extra one so I lent them mine until I could get an extra copy.


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  1. madan mohan
    6 years ago

    Thats Great..!
    Book Distribution Ki Jaii..!