A Thank You Letter

Posted on August 16, 2015 by admin-vasanti

This is a letter we just received from James in Texas whom Sudevi and I visited last month. He shared with us that the first time he heard about Krsna was in a fiction novel he read. Then, the 2nd time he heard about Krsna was on a tv show. A short while after that when he was in a county jail, a friend ordered an encyclopedia. He opened it to a random page and that page was about Hinduism. After this 3rd encounter with Krsna, he said he saw the sign and wanted to seek this out further. He went to his chaplain (who had never heard of Krsna) and asked about books on Eastern Religion. The chaplain guided him to that area of the library, and he found Srila Gurudeva’s Jaiva-dharma. He immediately took to the philosophy and wrote to us (our address is stamped in the book) for further guidance and to be a member of our program (to receive the course and newsletter).

Sudevi and I met with him for about 2 hours and discussed many topics. He asked about initiation and we did our best to explain the importance of a guru and initiation and how in his current situation, the books are his guru. He also expressed his lamentation of not being able to follow Ekadasi properly due to not being able to get the right foods to follow Ekadasi fasting. We both responded that Krsna will see his sincerity and desire to follow Ekadasi and will give mercy for that.

He shared that he used to have so much anger and that since he has been chanting, his anger has subsided greatly. He isn’t allowed the traditional japa mala that we use as the chaplain said the beads need to be black and shorter (the japa mala we previously sent to him was returned). So, we are arranging to get him a mala that meets the requirements so he can chant on beads.


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  1. Madhavi Dasi
    3 years ago

    brahmanda bhramite kona bhagyavan jiv
    guru krsna prasade pai, bhakti lata bij

    This is so inspiring. After reading this, how can tears not come to the eyes? To think that Jaiva Dharma was already waiting in the library for him brings so much joy to my heart. Nitai is just waiting for every soul to simply turn a slight little bit toward Krsna and then he just inundates with mercy!

    I hope the books will continue to flow into all of the prisons. In these places. Though prison is so distressful on many levels, people get a chance to contemplate things they may otherwise never take time to ponder.

    Due to the presence of these books in prison libraries, one may become more fortunate by going to prison than by remaining so-called free, marooned as a prisoner of illusion and forgetfulness.

    Gaura Hari bol!