The Nectar of “Love Distribution”!

Posted on October 5, 2016 by Anita dasi


thumb_img_0476_1024We are unlimitedly fortunate to be under the loving guidance of Sri Guru, Sri Gauranga, and the exalted Vaisnavas! This is actually causeless mercy from the Supreme Lord and His eternal Counterpart Sri Radha Thakurani and Their combined manifestation as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu! By Their mercy a fortunate jiva, a minute infinitesimal soul comes in contact with Their mercy personified in the form of Sri Guru.

By taking shelter of that divine representative, following his instructions as one’s life and soul, that jiva soul can awaken his eternal love and relationship with the Supreme Soul, Sri Sri Radha-Krsna conjugal. They advent in this Kali-yuga in the form of Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to taste Their own unlimited Divine Love, and to distribute it on the platform of spontaneous loving devotion surpassing moods of duty and allegiance due to fear, etc.

So by the greatest good fortune we have come in contact with a Pure Raganuga (Rupanuga) Sad-Guru! We have lovingly been given mountains of priceless gifts from him in the form of his personal example of the purest bhakti, his instructions of Harikatha, and his volumes of transcendental literatures, which he painstakingly wrote while extensively traveling to all corners of the earth simultaneously. (to mention only a few…)

Nitya-lila pravista om Visnupada paramahamsa parivrajakacarya astottara sata Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Goswami Maharaja ki jaya

Nitya-lila pravista om Visnupada paramahamsa parivrajakacarya astottara sata Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja ki jaya!

Our greatest joy and ability to fully appreciate these gifts and the great unlimited value they posses, manifests when we fully surrender to his desires and instructions for his followers.

By absorbing ourselves in the process of purebhakti he is distributing by his “Heartly Blessings!” and pesenting these teachings accessible to others is the perfection of our human form of life!

Where would we be if such a distributer of the messages from our Guru-varga had not mercifully presented it to us in the form of a book, leaflet, invitation, or conversation.

This information is like a seed which possesses a creeper of devotional love (Bhakti-lata-bija), that when watered by the limbs of bhakti saddhana, especially hearing and chanting the A�Holy Name & and Sadhu-sanga, will cause that creeper to grow. This creeper can then pass the gross and subtle coverings of this material energy, bypass the Brahmajyoti and A�Vaikuntha planets, etc and eventually take rest in Goloka Vrndavana in the beautiful forest groves where the Divine Couple are served by unlimited eternal associates.

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaja has thus called distribution of this transcendental knowledge as “Love distribution!”

Everyone in the world is looking for love and affection, but in the wrong places. Lord Chaitanya, Radha & Krsna combined is that love and affection personified! One who presents this to others in the form of Transcendental literatures is the greatest welfare worker! This will save humanity from the degradation and suffering we see gradually escalating with great speed now.

This is not a very difficult activity to do actually. Simply acquire some introductory literature and literature for persons already more progressed. Then have it available when walking or driving to everywhere you go to do regular activities in your daily life. (Just a few!)

The rest will become manifest by Sri Guru and Gauranga themselves! They will send you ripe candidates and miraculously people will be in your path and all you have to do is talk to them and offer them some transcendental love and wisdom that will change the course of their lives forever! Really! Try it and see! You will be amazed and enlivened by this and want to look more and more for that special soul who is sent to cross your way. Also, our entire Guru-varga are very pleased by this and will shower you with much potency and bliss in your saddhana, bhajan, and “love distribution” progression.

A personal experience was with Lin. He is a mechanic at Les Schwab Tire Center. I took my vehicle there to have it checked and it needed extensive front end work. I met LIn who was very kind and appreciated me being a monk. He was from Cambodia originally. He knew that Vedic culture existed in Cambodia due to the ancient temples of Rama and Siva, etc.

We conversed and he was very interested to have more knowledge and read about Hanuman, especially.

Throughout the work he gave me discounts and deductions totaling over $50.00.

I usually have Bhagavad Gita’s which he especially said he was interested in. I spoke to him of Lord Chaitanya and how Hanuman had incarnated as Murari Gupta in His associates. “Cool!”, A�He said.

I showed him my card with website where he could download Bhagavad Gita and many other books. I gave him “Lord Chaitanya the Original Form of Godhead” booklet and “Secrets of the Undiscovered Self”. Later I came back and gave him a “Perfection of Yoga” because he said he was starting some yoga classes.

He was very happy! He also had some prasadam cookie that I had made which he also appreciated.

There are so many souls out there waiting for the treasure that has been bestowed on all of us and we can connect them in a very simple and satisfying way!

Nitai Gaurapremanande!

thank you, Swami BV Sajjan


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