Posted on March 25, 2009 by Raghava

Book distribution in Texas is really fun. A�We go place to place, shop to shop, home to home, street light to street light, door to door, neighbor to neighbor, classroom to classroom, highway to highway, Walmart to Walmart, gas station to gas station, all the while listening to Srila Gurudeva chanting sweet bhajans and telling people to chant “Haribol! A�Bolo Hari Hari Mukunda Murari! We give them Srila Gurudeva’s books and healthy raw food snacks thanks to Gopal’s Healthfoods. A� A�Here’s a clip about sponsorship for the book rack program in Houston. A�

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visit our website: www.bhaktiyogaschool.comA�


  1. Gadadhara das vanacari
    10 years ago

    This is the excitement of performing seva that is fulfilling Srila Gurudev’s desire. Hankering for this nectar, I am inspired with enthusiasm and hope.

    aspiring sevak
    Gadadhara das

  2. BhaktiCulture - inspire by design
    9 years ago

    Absolutely wonderful. All glories to the sankirtan yajna.! All glories to book distribution!