The First Experience

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The First Experience

Tarun Krishna (Germany)

I was totally excited. Just go out on the road and talk to people that’s not really my thing. However I gave a promise to Srimati Syamarani and I was absolutely determined to do so. So I changed my clothes three times trying to make a good first dent to the people I will hopefully meet on this friday morning.

I went with some copies I bought in the temple in Stuttgart for 100,- € of “Contact With Reality” (a small booklet with some of Srila Gurudeva’s lectures about the relationship with GOD) and “Evolution Of Conscioussness”  by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura (a small booklet wich is the translation of chapter 8 of his book “Sri Caitanya Siksamrta”) to Haiger. I parked the car and went to the city centre. It was around 9.30am when I arrived. Towards my hopes I recognised  that all shops where still closed and nearly nobody was out.
So I decided to get an overall view about the area to have the chance to meet and talk to as much people as possible. A few times I walked up and down the pedestrian precinct and found a place between two shops in front of a courtyard entrance.
Finally the first people started to pass by. The shops slowly started to get busy while my heart started to sink into my boots.
Whom I should talk to? And most important: What I should tell the people?
I wanted to distribute as much books as possible! I wasn’t interested in donations. From my logical point of view I made up my mind to ask every person if I can give them the copy as a gift.

At last a young mother walk up pushing a stroller in front of her and holding another child on her hand. With fresh heart and a big smile and the two copies in my hand I walked to her.
”Good Morning!” I said highly motivated knowing that nobody can stand my charm, ”Can I give you a present?”
She smiled me the same way and said: ” No, thank you!” turned around and walked away. This reaction wasn’t what I expected. After all I wanted to give her a gift!!! How somebody can refuse a present??? I was stunned.
I thought about it, “What went wrong?”
Then I realised it. Of course! Sure! What would be my first impression if a stranger would approach me and ask me to present me with something? Right! I would think this man is one of  Jehovah’s Witnesses or he want to sell me a newspaper subscription.
I pictured it directly in front of me.
I am walking along a road and a man asks me if he can gift me something. And I am asking him what he want to give me as gift and he tells me one year subscription and 3 month free of charge.
Nooo it wouldn’t work out like this… I had to make up my mind for something different.
I was thinking about what I am going to distribute to the people. And how I can tell them something in one sentence without scaring them or making them think I am a missionary.
OK the solution was quite simple. I went on telling the people ” Good Morning! May I gift you a small overview about the vedic-indian philosophy?“
In that moment one town gardener came with a pickup truck and stopped direct in front of me. He seems to be around 40 years old and from Latin origin. I approached him and tried my new ”slogan”.  He smiled at me and said: ” Oh! That’s really kind of you! I appreciate to take it.” My heart was jumping of joy and I gave him the copies.
”Please one request I have …” I said to him, while he already started to leaf through the ”Evolution des Bewußtseins” “…if you finished reading the book or not going to read it, please don’t throw it away, give it to somebody to make him happy.”
He was grateful and made me understand this will be a pleasure for him.
I went back to my place and waited for the next purchaser.
I started to use my ”quotation” on every person and most of them reacted very kind even if they are not interested in my offer.
After one hour of joyful distribution, one old man approached me and looked direct into my eyes. I couldn’t withstand such a request and without stammering and being afraid I told him my quotes. He appeared totally baffled and asked me very gruffly ” Hä?! What do you want?” I told it again that I wanted to allow him to gain into vedic-indian philosophy.
”What that supposed to mean???” he asked me quite irritated. ”What kind of new fangled junk is this?”
He slightly pushed me out of his way walked on faster and shouted, “For god’s sake!”
This keyword I couldn’t let drift away and called behind him with a smile. ”Right! That’s what I am talking about.”
As I mentioned before others reacted friendly. One atheist she told me she don’t wanted to give up her ”Belief” still she was reacting very kind. One Lady took the copies and told she will send them to her sister who is very interested in things like that.
Unfortunately I only got time till 11.30am so I had to stop the distribution. I distributed 7 copies of “Evolution Of Conciuosness” and 8 copies of “Contact With Reality”.
Everybody who is afraid of going out on the road and distribute books I want to say there is no reason. If you just smile and be honest than everybody will smile back on you. The humans are much better then their construct and still they are interested to hear about new possibilities, they just need to get a small hint sometimes.
Its not important how many books you distribute, but more important is to do it joyfully to give the humans the chance to learn and develop.
I am already looking forward to my next time.

Book distributing could be a great inspiration for everybody. For me it was very important, because by the mercy of Srila Gurudeva I am always inspired to preach to people. I am not a missionary and I don’t talk to people about Krishna, if they don’t want me to talk about HIM. So I always give them small informations and wait, if they ask for more.

Distributing books give me the chance to preach without speaking and forcing people to listen to me. I can give them a small key to Krishna Consciousness and it is their choice to use it or not.

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  1. Devarsirat das
    6 years ago

    Dandavats Tarun Krishna Prabhu

    I guess it is different in Germany these days? When I distributed books there in the 70s it was hard going as you can imagine with all the problems we had at the time. I live now in a town in the UK which is as difficult as Germany was in the 70s.

    Take care auf widersehen 🙂

    Your old friend Devarsirat das