Archive: November, 2017

Planting Seeds in Punjab

Posted on 11/24/17 by Anita dasi

“Please come to my home,” we hear it all the time when we distribute books. This is the famous Indian hospitality. Sometimes we take people up on it. When we distribute books in Manali we meet many people from North India. I have followed up in the past with a few families who seemed sincere, […]

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A Blooming Sanga

Posted on 11/22/17 by Anita dasi

It is beautiful watching the Amabala sanga bloom. We have been making a book table at the annual Bhagavat saptaha for about 6 years.  Every year I see how their appreciation of Srila Gurudeva’s books increase. The first years they mostly took small books. One year everyone suddenly wanted a song book. This year we […]

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