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Posted on 08/28/17 by Anita dasi

by Raseshwari dasi I have never had faith in politicians. I never expected that in my life that I was going to approach to one of them to ask for something. But I saw that my baba, Sri Vinod Bihari das, every time that Yogi Adityanath will speak he will desire to hear what he […]

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Ratha Yatra 2017

Posted on 08/26/17 by Anita dasi

Dear devotees, This year we distributed books again during the 2017 Ratha Yatra festival in Jagannatha Puri. The weather was unpredictable. Most of the time it was pouring rain. Manjulali dasi and I distributed books, but not in the evenings like other years. Most of the people took a book, but some refused or ran […]

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Animal Rights Conference

Posted on 08/21/17 by vasantidasi

Every year there is a large Animal Rights Conference which rotates between Washington DC and Los Angeles. This year it was in DC and Champakalata dasi organized having a table there to outreach with the various people attending. She arranged for Sadananda Prabhu to send Gopal’s healthbars and noni wraps to distribute as well as […]

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Maine Public Libraries

Posted on 08/14/17 by vasantidasi

Adi Govinda prabhu and his wife and son spent some time in Alachua and recently have moved back to their home-state of Maine.  They are enthusiastically distributing books and recently got the Auburn Public Library to purchase the Bhagavad-gita for their library. They are now working on other public libraries in the state to also […]

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