Archive: April, 2017

Against all odds

Posted on 04/26/17 by Anita dasi

Ratha-yatra book distribution in Jagannatha Puri 6–14 July 2016 The 2016 Ratha-yatra book distribution trip almost did not happen. One obstacle after another made me question again and again whether Srila Gurudeva had other plans for us this year. It started with a message from some fellow book distributors who visited Puri in February for […]

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School Program in Akbar

Posted on 04/10/17 by Anita dasi

Last week we had a program in Akbar. This little village is situated between Varsana and Govardhana. We were invited by my Hindi teacher Mamata didi to perform sankirtan,  do pracara and free book distribution. We were very enlightened to see that the teacher was receptive and welcomed us very affectionately. After Sarasvati puja and […]

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