Archive: July, 2016

Tepotzlan Library

Posted on 07/29/16 by admin-vasanti

The town of Tepotzlan in Mexico is a very beautiful and quite a hip town. Recently, we went to an Odissi dance performance at a library. We asked the librarian there that day if we could distribute some books of Vedic philosophy from India, to which they were happy to accept. Today on this auspicious […]

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Posted on 07/07/16 by admin-vasanti

The following illuminating sketch-story illustrates how any Krsna Consciousness accrued in this life, is carried over to the next life.  In one’s next life, one continues from that point. The artwork was created Jagannath dasa of the Philippines.

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My distribution day: Risky business

Posted on 07/03/16 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna! Jaya  Gurudeva! Jaya Nitay Gauranga!   This last month I’ve been distributing books in Delhi. On the first day I went to a big market nearby. But it wasn’t going so well… The next day I went to another one, but it also wasn’t too much successful. And when the third try also […]

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Book Distribution in Rishikesh

Posted on 07/01/16 by admin-vasanti

Due to the Siva-ratri festival and the Yoga festival, the streets were bustling with such an eclectic mix of people. The Kirtaniyas were participating in the Yoga festival. It was nice because they started the festival with the mangalacarana. I felt it was an auspicious commencement of the festival and our book distribution. I could […]

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