Archive: March, 2016

Distribution in Australia

Posted on 03/27/16 by admin-vasanti

Thanks to the kind hearted generosity of the devotees who have participated and donated to the sponsored book program and also thanks to the hard working devotees of GVP, we were once again blessed to be able to distribute Srila Gurudeva’s Transcendental Literature along the coastal towns of Australia’s Gold Coast and New South Wales […]

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My distribution day: Some inspiring meetings….

Posted on 03/01/16 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna! Jaya  Gurudeva! Jaya NitayGauranga! Routine destroys freshness… A conditioned soul who isn’t so spiritually advanced is bound to lose inspiration in practice time to time. Going out for book-distribution almost every day, I often feel how it turns into automatic lifeless routine. So, I’m so grateful to Srila Gurudev and Vaisnavas, who shake […]

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