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“Diamonds among us” – a beautiful lifestory of a book distributor

Posted on 09/30/14 by admin-vasanti

As aspiring disciples of our beloved Gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, and our entire guru varga, we are all bound by the same challenge: How can I best utilize my life, wealth, intelligence, and words in the service of Sri Guru and Sri Sri Radha Krsna?[i] How can I please my Srila Gurudeva? For […]

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Posted on 09/29/14 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by Shivananda sena dasa When deciding whether to attend this more or less trade show centered around the idea of “green” lifestyles our fearless leader Vasanti dasi put forward a prayer that went something like this… “Oh Gurudev, oh Mahaprabhu, oh parampara, oh Radhe, Oh Krishna, if it is your desire that we spend […]

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North Carolina Janmastami/Prison Program Report

Posted on 09/26/14 by admin-vasanti

Prison Seva Report from GBVS Janmashtami Program Submitted by Bhakta Adam “Every year for Janmashtami and Radhastami Gokul Bhajan and Vedic Studies, a growing and innovative program directed towards fostering bhakti for children and young adults, puts together a celebratory presentation for the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area. The excellent performances by the children include melodious […]

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2015 Vaisnava Calendar Now Available – Preorder for Your Sanga

Posted on 09/19/14 by sanatana

“Everywhere I go I see that calendar, and it makes me very happy.” – Srila Gurudeva, 2009, to Kanaka manjari dasi (Kilimba dd), to whom he gave this sublime service to do every year (back in 2005).   Full of stimulus for remembering Krsna, Ekadasis, the pure Vaisnavas and more, the Vaisnava Wall Calendar is both an outreach […]

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The Outreach Web

Posted on 09/18/14 by Anita dasi

At the end of our book distribution trip to Manali, I sent an email to all our contacts saying I was happy to meet them and how did they like the book(s) they took. From this a few people were regularly in touch. One man from Agra, was emailing regularly. He was super inspired by […]

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New Delhi Book Fair, August 23–31, 2014

Posted on 09/15/14 by admin-vasanti

Submitted by Delhi Book Fair Distribution Team This  year the book fair occurred just after Janmastami and Nandotsava, thus further infusing these nine days inbetween the festivals with the unfathomable mercy of the Vrajavasis and Srila Gurudeva, to give pure bhakti to one and all. In an ocean of countless book stalls on innumerable subjects, […]

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