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NEXT UP: Ujjvala-nilamani-kirana – Funding Needed!

Posted on 05/29/13 by sanatana

Gaudiya Vedanta Publications is happy to announce it’s next English publication will be Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s Ujjvala-nilamani-kirana, translated from the Hindi edition by our beloved gurudeva, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja. As a non-profit organization that subsists solely on donations, GVP is humbly requesting devotees to support Srila Gurudeva’s efforts on this book by […]

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Book Sponsorship Donations & Projects Report Dec 2011 – May 2013

Posted on 05/24/13 by Anita dasi
GVP Logo

Many donors have stepped forward to help fund the printing and distribution of Srila Gurudeva’s books. In the last 18 months these donations have supported hundreds of projects and facilitated the distribution of over 68,000 of Srila Gurudeva’s books. Below is our latest financial report to show how those funds are spent. In some cases there […]

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Distribution of Srila Gurudeva’s books in Sri Dham Mayapur

Posted on 05/17/13 by navalatika

Submitted by Rasesvari Dasi By the blessings of Srila BB Bodhayan Maharaj, Srila Gurudev’s books are at available to everyone in the new Sri Gopinath Goudiya Math’s Book Store. During the last Gaura Purnima time many devotees who visited Sri Mayapur Dham and this book shop could acquire Srila Gurudev’s transcendental jewels. These books will be available to the […]

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North East tour 2013

Posted on 05/17/13 by navalatika

Submitted by Savitri dasi and Bakula dasi A long cherished desire of holding a Bhagavat saptaha in Sikkim Joretang became true. After the successful program in Hamilton Ganja, we arrived on April 1st in Sikkim, Jorertang. We were very heartly welcomed by the organisers of the Bhagavat Saptaha, Mr Nrsimha. Agarwal and others. After a […]

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Topanga Canyon Earth Days

Posted on 05/11/13 by admin-vasanti

Book Distribution from Shiva Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayate Pranams to all, this report is inspired by Srimati Symarani didi. I pray that its mood and message is pleasing to all those who may read it. Writing on this topic is somewhat awkward because like everything else I do, the feeling of self glorification permeates […]

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Book Distribution in South India

Posted on 05/08/13 by navalatika
Caru 2

Submitted by Caru Candrika dasi Recently I went to South India with some devotees for preaching and book distribution. We went to Goa for a few days. One evening I went to distribute Srila Gurudeva’s books outside a big pandal program for meditation. Many thousands of people went there, so during that time I approached […]

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Book Distribution in the West Bengal Preaching: A 5 years report

Posted on 05/07/13 by navalatika

Submitted by Gokul Chandra das brahmachari Since the beginning of our West Bengal preaching, in 2007, along with the target of collecting a lot of rice, we also kept the target of distributing a lot of books, and wherever we went, in the most remote villages, we always carried a bag with books to be […]

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Posted on 05/02/13 by sanatana

Every month we will feature one of Srila Gurudeva’s English publications, respective to the corresponding book-of-the-month featured in the 2013-2015 Vaisnava Calendar. This month’s book is Raya Ramananda Samvad, an excerpt from Sri Caitanya-caritamrta in which Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu displays the pastime of accepting instruction from his associate, Ramananda Raya. Srila Gurudeva has said, “There […]

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