Archive: March, 2013

Siva-ratri Distribution in Haridwar

Posted on 03/14/13 by admin-vasanti

Set out for our 4th annual Siva-ratri book distribution party in Haridwar on March 5th from Vrndavana with 8 other ladies, one of which was a new friend Gayatri made while she was in Goa last December and wanted to come along to see Haridwar. We were all so surprised and exhilarated that she immediately […]

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Books, Kirtan, and Prasadam

Posted on 03/10/13 by navalatika

Last March 2, we, the International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society Philippines recently held a Feeding Program in one Barangay here in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The moment we came out of the vehicle with the big pots and asked them to get containers, they immediately ran to get bowls, cups and even pitcher! They eagerly […]

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Posted on 03/08/13 by Anita dasi

Siva Ratri book distribution 2013 For the fourth year in a row we journeyed to Haridwar for book distribution for Siva Ratri. Once we arrived at the train station we found our train was delayed one hour . . . then another hour. . . then another hour. To release our frustration we began a […]

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Book Distribution Report from Gopal Gaudiya Math Liverpool

Posted on 03/07/13 by navalatika

It is with a happy and joyous mood we present this report to our sanga. This is the second time we have have been out and about in Liverpool doing book distribution and we had yet another sucessful 3 day’s in Liverpool City Centre. There where three of us going out Radha Raman Das Vanacari, […]

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Library program in Ananda Dhama, Vrindavan

Posted on 03/03/13 by navalatika

Submitted by Janaki dasi Since October last year (2012), a group of devotees have been staying at the Sri Radha-Syamasundara Gaudiya Math (better known as “Ananda Dhama”) in Sri Vrindavan, under the guidance of Sripad Premananda Prabhu Ananda Dhama, situated on the Parikrama marga near Iskcon, was constructed by a business man and devotee, called […]

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Meeting With Smt. Sonia Gandhi

Posted on 03/01/13 by navalatika

Submitted by Narayana Baba For the protection, survival and rejuvenation of Yamuna River, we are holding a dialogue with the government regarding the release of fresh Yamuna water which is diverted away at Hathini Kund Barrage in Haryana. We recently met Ms. Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of United Progressive Alliance (UPA), which is the ruling […]

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