Archive: June, 2012

Facing My Fears

Posted on 06/25/12 by Anita dasi

Book distribution is extremely important. Although knowing this, I never felt motivated to do anything about it. Whenever out with a sankirtana party in the past, It was common for me to sit in the kirtana group, chant and avoid making eye contact with any passersby. I considered this sheepish approach to spreading Sri Caitanyadeva’s […]

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Family Book Distribution in Chandigar

Posted on 06/24/12 by Anita dasi

Report in Spanish by Rasa-keli dasi. Below is an English Translation by Kunja-kalika dasi Por recomendación de los devotos  estamos escribiendo un reporte del viaje que empezamos el dia 21 de Mayo  desde Sri Vrindaban Dhama hacia la limpia y moderna ciudad de Chandigar, que es la capital de Punjab y Haryana a la vez. […]

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Russian Library Report

Posted on 06/15/12 by admin-vasanti

by Snigdha dasi I heard that it is possible to donate books in Russian libraries, just as books have been going to libraries in US, UK and India now. I contacted Vasanti dasi and asked her how the program works, and she informed me that the GVP sponsorship program can fund the books going to […]

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Chandigar Book Distribution

Posted on 06/11/12 by Anita dasi

Chandigar, India By Gayatri dasi   I came to Chandigar for book distribution during the program of Srila Vigayan Bharati Maharaja because I want the association of a high Vaisanavas, and I am also interested to spend time with Punjabi people. My previous experience in Haridwar was that the Punjabi people had mood that they […]

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