Archive: May, 2012

Divine Intervention and Book Distribution

Posted on 05/16/12 by admin-vasanti

We are always being guided by the Acaryas. Sometimes it is subtle, and sometimes it is blatant. I feel that yesterday the Acaryas were being blatant. Many devotees assembled for Prasad, Art and Book distribution. Although there were many, many booths, we were located a few inches from the ISKCON booth. All day we were […]

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Eco village in Russia

Posted on 05/13/12 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Gurudeva, all glories to Sri Sri Gauranga Radha Govindaji. Last week we stayed in a really nice place in the middle of the Russian village. This is an eco community with wise, talented and open people. We became friends with one of them when […]

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Topanga Earth Day Festival

Posted on 05/09/12 by admin-vasanti

Dandavat pranams to all.. Sri Sri Guru Gauraga Jayate, Jaya Jaya Sri. Hare Krishna. When Vasanti dasi asked for a report (on behalf of the GVP Sponsorship program, as we received sponsored books for this festival) about our participation in the Topanga Earth Day Festival, well personally I was embarrassed. This two day event in […]

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Nice Book Distribution in Nepal

Posted on 05/06/12 by Anita dasi

Dinanath prabhu, Sukhada didi and myself (Caru Chandrika dasi) began our journey to Kathmandu, Nepal from Mathura on 6th April. The same day Nityananda prabhu and Balabhadra prabhu came from Punjab and met us in Lucknow which was on the way. We stayed one night in a small town there where we performed naga sankirtan. […]

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Report from Karol Bagh Sanga

Posted on 05/06/12 by admin-vasanti

  Submitted by Vedavyasa dasa We had a beautiful programme in Hansraj College on 2nd April 2012 . This Hansraj college is the biggest college of Delhi University at north campus. This college has the biggest building with the highest number of students and faculty. There are around staff of 200 persons for cleaning and […]

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North East Tour 2012

Posted on 05/04/12 by Anita dasi

Written by: Savitri devi dasi and Bakula dasi. Malbazar On April 2nd, we (Savitri dasi, Bakula dasi and Sulata dasi) left Vrndavana at an auspicious time and arrived in Siliguri the next day which was Ekadasi. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by our godsister Damodari from Malbazar (in North Bengal) and Prakash from Hamilton […]

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