Archive: April, 2012

Punjab Prachar Book Distribution Report

Posted on 04/29/12 by admin-vasanti

By the mercy of Sri Guru Gauranga and the Vaishanvas the book distribution is continuing at a steady place here in the golden state of Punjab. During Navadivpa Parikrama the illustrious Srimati Shyamarani didi announced that book distributers were allowed to take any amount of books for any donation for distribution. Even though honestly speaking […]

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News from Gokarna

Posted on 04/27/12 by admin-vasanti

by Manohar dasa Fleeing the cold in Vrindavan in December 2011, Manmohini and I headed south to the beaches. Not to Goa, but to the more sober yet wonderful beaches of Gokarna! We took residence in the house of a traditional Brahmin family, waking up daily to the sound of children reciting the Veda in […]

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Srila Gurudeva’s Glories & Teachings Distributed Magnanimously

Posted on 04/17/12 by Raghava

A report by the devotees of Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Math, Mathura This year in Navadvipa, Gaura Purnima day, the appearance day of the most munificent incarnation, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, witnessed a most munificent event. By Srila Gurudeva’s mercy, the GVP sponsorship program, headed by Syamarani didi and her team, facilitated the wide distribution of the […]

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Update from Jaya Sri Damodara Gaudiya Matha – Puri

Posted on 04/13/12 by admin-vasanti

by Bansibadan dasa Here in Jaya Sri Damodar Gaudiya Math we have 10 – 15 brahmacaris. There is a nice program two times a day with kirtan, harikatha and arati etc. Also publication work is going on. So far we have published 14 books; (1) Jaiva Dharma (2) Mahaprabhu Siksa (3) Caitanya Carita Piyus (4) […]

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Priceless Gifts – A Book Distribution Report

Posted on 04/07/12 by admin-vasanti

By Chandrika Dasi April 2, 2012 If you have the opportunity to give something freely to anyone you meet, what would be that gift? For someone like me who do not have surplus money to give away, the best gift I can offer is Krsna’s mercy—in the form of our beloved Gurudeva’s devotional literature that […]

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