Archive: February, 2012

Reply from Hari-katha Recipient

Posted on 02/26/12 by admin-vasanti

For those of you who may not know, before someone goes onto the regular Hari-katha mailing list, we have a new persons list where we send out six or seven basic lectures of Srila Gurudeva’s. Therefore, we encourage everyone to get emails of people they meet who they think would be interested and then we have […]

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Northern America Library Report

Posted on 02/25/12 by admin-vasanti

by Vasanti dasi About a year ago, Yasoda devi dasi in America had the idea to place Srila Gurudeva’s books in libraries. She was staying in the LA temple at the time, as was Sacinandana prabhu. Saci prabhu magnificently obtained a list of email addresses for thousands of ibraries (from gardening to government to metaphysical).  […]

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The Tales of Seven Sisters – Haridwar Siva Ratri 2012

Posted on 02/22/12 by Anita dasi

By the mercy of Srila Gurudeva and Gopiesvar Mahadeva we came to this holy place Haridwar, in particular Har ki Puri Ghat in the auspicious time of Siva Ratri. At this time many people come. Because they have had the touch of Ganga devi they are in a very gentle mood and pious. They take […]

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Preaching To The Desperate And Disenfranchised

Posted on 02/14/12 by admin-vasanti

by Sripad Avadhoot Maharaja There is a whole lot of difference to be felt when preaching hits the ears of those who are searching as opposed to those who are materially contented. Sparks from a fire can do little when landing on wet grass as opposed to dry grass. When we reach out to the […]

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Mercy Reaches Cuba

Posted on 02/12/12 by admin-vasanti

My spiritual name is Haripriya and Hiromis is the name my mother gave me. I am Cuban. My Guru Maharaj is Vana Maharaja, who mercifully accepted me and gave me shelter under  the sacred dust of His glorious lotus feet. In Cuba, whereI live, there are not much resources that people may be able to perform Krsna Conciousness. What I […]

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Posted on 02/07/12 by Anita dasi

[The book sponsorship program sent a box of books to Shriyas prabhu in Pune, India.  The following is an email from him sharing his book distribution expereince.] I went to meet the Vice President of the Garware college, and I have appraised him of the precious chance that he is getting, where the Bhagavat Gita […]

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Sharing in an Ayurvedic Clinic

Posted on 02/05/12 by admin-vasanti

Hare Krsna. Please, accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Gurudeva, all glories to Sri Sri Gauranga Radha Govindaji. Altogether we stayed in this Aurvedic resort for 2 month and now everywhere there are posters of Syamarani didi in frames and especially in the restaurant. People take their meal and look at Krishna’s lilas. […]

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West meets East

Posted on 02/04/12 by admin-vasanti

by Radhika dasi Most Indians are naturally pious people. They are open-hearted, charitable and curious. Though frustrating at times, their repetitive and seemingly irrelevant questions are often out of genuine fascination and curiosity. The constant staring and interest that many of them have upon seeing us western bodied devotees can start to feel rather obsessive […]

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World Fest in Kentucky

Posted on 02/02/12 by admin-vasanti

by Jaisri dasi In early September we Kentucky girls attended an annual event called World Fest. This event aims to celebrate world cultures by sharing the dance, music, crafts, and informational booths of various countries and causes. I love this event because the people of Louisville are exposed to the city’s diversity. I had been […]

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