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by Manimati dasi

After reading the report on the Pakistan library receiving books (, I decided I wanted to do something in India. After having thought about distributing books for years, I could not find the right channel for me, adapted to my life.

I started to do some research on the internet to look for libraries in Delhi and I found there were many so it inspired me to go and bring them Srila Gurudeva’s transcendental gems; Bhagavad-gita (Hindi and English), Brhad-bhagavatamrta (Hindi), Jaiva-dharma (Hindi and English) Brahma-samhita (English), and Vraja-manda parikrama (Hindi).

I also thought to try and get Gurudeva’s books into bookshops.

After noting down different libraries and their addresses in Delhi, Tungavidya didi and myself went to Delhi for two days. Despite having made an itinerary, it was difficult to find the places yet through Gurudeva’s mercy, we found several interested places.

We went to Delhi University where we met the chief librarian. He took six books for their library and we hope to give more.

Inside the University there were 2 national and international guest houses for guest speakers where many people come and visit. The person managing the lounge said he was very honoured to receive these books and said he would immediately buy a cupboard to place them in.


We also gave books to an Indu-canadian Sastri Institute and Delhi Public Library who were very favourable.











We went to the British Council who asked us to come back after a week. We also went to one Big Yoga Center but it was closed, so we plan to go back the next time we go to Delhi.

In two days we went around Delhi and realized that Delhi is such a huge city, that the next time we come back we will go section by section and distribute books to not only libraries, but hospitals, clinics, businesses, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and any other favorable place where many fortunate souls can have access to Srila Gurudeva’s books.

On the way back to Vrndavana, we had an inspiration to stop at the Apollo hospital, one of the largest hospitals in India. The person-in-charge of the library personally came down from the 6th floor (where the library was) to escort us personally to the library without any inquiry of who we were or where we came from. He immediately took all seven books from our hands and told us that the arrival of these books about Krsna is the proof that Krsna is in his life. Then he took us upstairs to the sixth floor. He has had a picture of Krsna-Balarama on his desk for at least 25 years.  He said he will write to all the professors, doctors, and all the people in charge in the hospital to inform them that these books have arrived. He took this as the sign of Krsna and we took this as our encouragement to continue this seva.

We want to share what Gurudeva has given us –not to only keep it for ourselves, but to give to others. He has given us unlimited mercy, and the ground to spread it is also unlimited.

These books are the Phd of spiritual books. The message is priceless – it is the best charity we can do for the world to distribute Gurudeva’s compassion on these places.

If anyone is interested to also participate in this seva, please contact Vasanti dasi at


  1. Vaijayanti mala dasi
    1288 days ago

    Dear Mani-mati and Tungavidya, I was so enlivened to see this report. Thank you for inspiring us all.


  2. vijay sakha das
    1288 days ago

    DIDI, i just read your message about books distribution in libraries. i will help you in this matter. thanks a lot.


  3. Ashwani
    1288 days ago

    Haribol!!! Grudev brought this Ganga to Earth and You are Taking this to Sagar.
    …thanks and koti koti dandvats…Ashwani


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