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Banana Festival in Murwillumbah, Australia

Posted on 08/29/11 by admin-vasanti

by Akhilesvari dasi Click here to see the video! The sky was dark and threatening rain, as we approached the showgrounds, those same showgrounds where many Festivals of Devotion were held with our beloved Srila Gurudeva right here in this little country town Murwillumbah. The sight of Lord Jagganath, Lady Subhadra and Lord Balarama seated […]

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Seattle Preaching

Posted on 08/26/11 by admin-vasanti

by Janardana dasa I am now staying in Seattle, Washington. I recently moved from Orcas island, so I could have some association of devotees. I have met up with some devotees here that have been doing harinama sankirtan every Saturday in downtown Seattle for about a year or more now. The devotee who does it […]

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North East India Book Distribution

Posted on 08/20/11 by Anita dasi

On the 8th of June we set out for Siliguri. Upon our arrival, we were met by Yashodanandana Prabhu, our godbrother, who joined us for the rest of the tour. After a good nights rest, we proceeded towards Joretang in the state of Sikkim. On the way we picked up Damodari didi, our godsister from […]

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A day-by-day report

Posted on 08/18/11 by admin-vasanti

Book Distribution Report by Chandrika Devi Dasi Miami, Florida. July 2011 Thursday, July 14, 2011 Right after picking up the books from my mailbox, I decided to talk to the University of Miami (UM) Reservation Office to see if I could set up a table for book distribution on campus. Unfortunately, I was not able […]

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The Story of a “Non-Book Distributor” Book Distributor

Posted on 08/15/11 by admin-vasanti

Written by Kundalata dasi Riding around the city of Los Angeles on a motorcycle, wearing cargo pants and boots, Sivananda Sena dasa does not present the image of a typical book distributor.  With a protective helmet covering the sikha on the back of his head and a jacket concealing the three strands of tulasi beads […]

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Print and Distribute

Posted on 08/15/11 by admin-vasanti

I want my books to be distributed; they should not remain in cold storage. I want that, in a cyclic order, thousands and thousands of books should come from the press, and they should at once be distributed and again printed. (Srila Gurudeva, February 4, 2003)

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Science and Spirituality seminar

Posted on 08/09/11 by admin-vasanti

Dandavat Pranams to all! Sripada Radha Kanta Prabhu (South Africa), Sripada Gauranga Prabhu (W. Bengal) and Sripada Kanhaiyalal Prabhu (Germany) and myself have been giving seminars on the topic of “Science and Spirituality”. This program was inspired by Srila Gurudeva, Sripad BV Dandi Maharaja and Srimati Syamarani didi. More than 400 students attended the seminar […]

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Pakistan Library Follow-up

Posted on 08/03/11 by admin-vasanti

A few months ago, the GVP book sponsorship program sent books from India to Pakistan upon their request to put books in a library in the Sindh flood district. They wrote, “With profound regards we humbly appeal you that We are a voluntary organization which sets up work in Sindh Province areas with name of […]

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ME-EAT – Book Distribution and Harinama in Guyana

Posted on 08/01/11 by admin-vasanti

by Vasanti dasi A few of us went to distribute books and do harinama at the Saturday Market. There were many stalls on both sides of the road and we were able to put a book table there. A couple devotees stayed at the table while Syamarani didi and the other devotees walked around the […]

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