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July 4th weekend in Los Angeles

Posted on 07/28/11 by admin-vasanti

by Prana Govinda dasa brahmacari The July 4th weekend was a very succesful time for both book distribution and Harinam sankirtan. Each day of the holiday, from friday till Monday we set up shop at different places on the Venice boardwalk which at this time of the year has foot traffic of thousands of people […]

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If You Get Money, Print Books

Posted on 07/25/11 by admin-vasanti

Quote by Srila Prabhupada, June 20, 1975, Los Angeles I have no personal qualification, but I simply tried to satisfy my guru. That’s all. My Guru Maharaja asked me that “If you get some money, you print books.” So there was a private meeting, talking, some of my important Godbrothers also there. It was in […]

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News from Montreal

Posted on 07/17/11 by admin-vasanti

By Syama-priya dasi Something happened when I entered New Vraj. Everything became sweeter… Of course, the first day, I felt like poo, but that’s part of the process… I think. After that, I started to get to know the members of my new spiritual family one by one: one on one, in a group, during […]

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Successful Ratha-yatra Book Distribution

Posted on 07/14/11 by Anita dasi

July, 2011 All glories to Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas, Dear devotees and guests, I’d like to inform you that the book distribution on this Ratha-yatra was extremely successful – more then two thousand books were distributed during whole festival. On this very auspicious occasion many people from Mathura and Vrindavan gathered to participate in […]

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Celebrating yatra with Fervor

Posted on 07/05/11 by Anita dasi

Puri, India – July 3&4, 2011  The day before Ratha yatra many devotees from Vrndavan, Mathura, Delhi, Bangalore, Bombay and other parts of India went from Jaya Sri Radha Damodar matha with kirtan to celebrate Gundica Marjana. With brooms and pots we danced in front of Gundica mandira before proceeding inside to clean the mandira. […]

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