Mysticism and Beyond

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On the flight from Manila to Hong Kong, there was a very hip Italian lady (with lots of tattoos and bleached white hair) sitting across from us with her five-year old daughter. Syamarani didi happened to have taken 5 Dasa Avatara coloring books from Manila. She told me to give one to the little girl, but I was too shy – thinking that the coloring book was a bit esoteric for the kid.  So then Syamarani didi said to the mother, we think your daughter will really like this coloring book and gave it to her. The kid was so happy! She was looking through it and said she really liked it. The mother even had crayons in her purse. So the kid got to immediately color Lord Rama! We also had a few Gaura Nitai posters left with us and Syamarani didi gave one to the little girl and said it is for her playroom. The kid was in bliss. Made me realize yet once again (I’m a bit slow) that you never know who is destined to have any book.

Our last program in Manila was a grand success. Akhilesvari didi organized Syamarani didi to speak at the theosophy center (where she attends regularly).  About forty people were in attendance and fifteen devotees. 

The topic requested was about mysticism, so we titled the lecture, ‘Mysticism and Beyond.’ Syamarani didi gave a brilliant lecture about the “mystics” of the Vedas. Click here for the link to the sound file of that class:

20110428_Manila Theosophy Center  Syamarani didi.mp3    

Everyone took books and posters and even requested more varieties of titles of Srila Gurudeva’s books.  The devotees  told them they would donate a set of Srila Gurudeva’s  to their library.

I only had one Gaura Nitai poster and this one special lady named Flora saw it and was so attracted to it and she didn’t know why. She asked who They were and when I explained that Mahaprabhu is Krsna disguised as a devotee and came to spread the chanting of the holy name, Flora was overwhelmed and said, “I love that, …spreading.”

The director and the people of the theosophy center want the International Bhakti Yoga Club back for more.


  1. Hari dasa
    1514 days ago

    All glories to you saintly mystics
    spreading love around the world…and beyond…very encouraging to see you in action..


  2. Gitadevidasi
    1514 days ago

    Dandavat Syamarani didi and Vasanti didi,

    Very much impressed with your contacts on the plane with the mother and her girl… I admire you for going beyond the natural shyness. My personal experience tells, when overcoming our ego to reach out, people react very positively. You’re an example.
    Your preaching in Manilla looks great… wish I could be with you and participate.
    Your shakti is very powerful… felling gurudeva is there with you… very strong.
    Jay gurudeva, Jay Srimati Radharani.

    Grateful for all your wonderful services.
    Gita devi dasi.


  3. Jayanta dasa
    1513 days ago

    Srila Prabhupada once said that “real violence” is to have this knowledge (Krsna Consciousness) and not sharing it with people next to you. Something to think about as Hare Krsna devotees ! Jaya Srila Prabhupada !!!


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