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About six weeks ago, the GVP book sponsorship team received this beautiful letter from someone named Rashid Anees, who represents the agency, “Serve for Nobel Cause Foundation”, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. He was requesting books for their library.

I wrote back to Mr. Anees offering our support to his Nobel Cause Foundation, and our book distribution team (Anita dasi, Taruni dasi and Jaya Govinda dasa) in Gopinath Bhavan, Vrndavana sent him three of each of the of the following titles: Venu- gita, Fearless Prince, Way of Love, Secrets of the Undiscovered Self, Essence of the Bhagavad-gita, Butter Thief and Journey of the Soul.

Mr. Anees said he would soon send us pictures of their libraries and of Gurudeva’s books in them.

Below are his letters to us:

A Humble Request for Your Kind Consideration

With profound regards we humbly appeal you that We are a voluntary organization which sets up work in Sindh Province areas with name of (SNCF) “Serve for Nobel Cause Foundation” to provide some social help to the local needy students. After the big catastrophe of supper flood which hit the large part of southern Province of Pakistan Sindh in 2010 in which all infrastructures such as, schools, libraries have been severely damaged or destroyed.

As an initiative of this cause for the underprivileged and poor pupil we are collecting books for the libraries by name of “Mother of Civilization” these libraries not only educate the children, but also benefit the entire community. “There are people from the community at large that come in and use the library and are able to borrow the books, building a sense of community – just from starting the library,”. In this mission we have included so many items of education’s basic requirements. This list includes the most widely available and powerful items of life i.e. the Books. Probably, there is no place in the world where books are not available and are not used for any sort of purpose.

We know that you are on such key organization in your country which is capable of bringing about much change in the society. You are having a very big stock of variety of books, if you donate our foundation few copies books from your publication of GVP books and Jai Gurudeva by the Kirtaniyas Bhajan Series, books about positive principle of life, The Essence of Bhagavad-Gita, secret of undiscovered self, The way of love, self help book and so on.

In the above context we request you to come forward for contributions of some books from your stock which will be distributed among the local libraries. To help us set up a brand new library for the students of Sindh, we on behalf of SNC Foundation appeal you to please donate any used computer that you might have that is of no use to you or your Press we humbly request your support by considering books donation. It could be in the form of even in a small number of books services available at your facility. We are looking forward to your support to help us make this event a grand success.

We hope you will consider our humble supplication with the glance of appreciation.

Yours Sincerely

Rashid Anees

Project Manager

He also wrote me the following letter:

Respected Vasanti Dasi

We want to express our great appreciation for your generosity in support of our Libraries program. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to those deprived underprivileged community people who will receive your gift of books.

Since you have asked about number of libraries setup, so in the initial phase we have planned 3 Libraries in flood affected area of District Dadu Sindh Pakistan. Secondly you have inquired about ideal number of copies per title for each library, so in current phase minimum 3 are enough for each library.

Thank you for considering our request and giving your time. You will truly make a difference in the lives of the community people who will receive your gift of books In case, you wish to know more about our library program and various facets associated with it. Please free to contact our office on all the days at the same time we surely send you the pictures where we place these books. 

Thank you from all of us, please convey our heartiest wishes to your organization staff.

With Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely

Rashid Anees

The Last Letter:

We would like to thank you very much for your kind generous support during our books donation campaign for “The Mother of Civilization Library”.  We have received your gift of Holy books yesterday it really made our community day that we can’t express our people feelings in words.
Thank you again for all of your assistance. You have truthfully made difference in the lives of the community people who have received your contribution of books.
Magsi Rashid Anees
Mother of Civilization Library
Dadu Sindh

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