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I feel drive!

Posted on 05/28/11 by admin-vasanti
biker and nun

by Indira dasi   At first I was planning to wait for Taruni in Vrindavan, but it happened that I joined her in Manali. I was thrilled that the weather here is just the same as in my Siberia. It rains almost every day. Apple trees and sweet cherry trees grow everywhere and landscapes are […]

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Orcas Island Book Distribution

Posted on 05/18/11 by admin-vasanti

By Janardana dasa I have been staying here on Orcas Island, an island 3 hours north of Seattle, Washington, USA. The people here are very friendly and open to Yoga, Farming, and Organic foods. I made some flyers asking people to please chant Hare Krsna. Also I distributed many “The Way of Love” books. The […]

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Rain, Rain . . .”Go Away”

Posted on 05/13/11 by Anita dasi
Rain Rain 4

Manali 2011 Book Distribution by Anita dasi Everything is a matter of consciousness. When we tried distributing big books we realized, that neither the crowd, nor the city, nor the line made nearly as much difference as our own beliefs. As soon as we began to believe it was possible to distribute big books in […]

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Thinking Big

Posted on 05/12/11 by Anita dasi
thinking big 2

Manali book distribution 2011 By Kunja Kalika dasi Today we decided to try to focus on distributing big books. Who would have thought that the big Hindi Bhagavad-gita and Journey of the Soul would be the first books we sold in the day? These are difficult to distribute in India, but feeling enthusiastic, we continued […]

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Manali Book Distribution Report

Posted on 05/11/11 by admin-vasanti
6 night cotton candy

By Taruni dasi May 7 & 8 2011 Four boxes with transcendental books were loaded in the car and our international book distribution team was ready to start our preaching journey to Himalayas. Suddenly a white new-born calf crossed our way. Seeing how baby was happily jumping around with up-raised tale nobody could help smiling. […]

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GVP Regional Coordinator Has High Hopes for Preaching and Book Distribution in Bengal

Posted on 05/10/11 by admin-vasanti

One of the familiar faces of Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha in Sri Navadvipa Dhama is its stalwart and intrepid sevaka, Madhusudana dasa Brahmacari.  Although not a native Bengali, Madhusudana Prabhu has been a resident of the Matha for over five years and considers Bengal his home and the epicenter of his service to Srila Gurudeva.       […]

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Massive New Temple in Canning, West Bengal Offers Abundant Opportunities for Book Distribution

Posted on 05/10/11 by admin-vasanti
Book Table 2

Written by Kundalata dasi Known as the gateway to the Sundarbans, the intriguing mangrove forest that is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, Canning, whose name originates from the period of British rule in India, is a growing rural community of half a million people in the South 24 Parganas district of the state of […]

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Mysticism and Beyond

Posted on 05/10/11 by admin-vasanti

On the flight from Manila to Hong Kong, there was a very hip Italian lady (with lots of tattoos and bleached white hair) sitting across from us with her five-year old daughter. Syamarani didi happened to have taken 5 Dasa Avatara coloring books from Manila. She told me to give one to the little girl, […]

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Posted on 05/08/11 by admin-vasanti

About six weeks ago, the GVP book sponsorship team received this beautiful letter from someone named Rashid Anees, who represents the agency, “Serve for Nobel Cause Foundation”, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. He was requesting books for their library. I wrote back to Mr. Anees offering our support to his Nobel Cause Foundation, and […]

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Books Bring Pujari to Bhakti, Now He Returns the Favor in His Service to Srila Gurudeva’s Samadhi-Sthali Mandir in Sri Navadvipa Dhama

Posted on 05/02/11 by admin-vasanti

Report written by Kundalata dasi At Srila Gurudeva’s Samadhi-Sthali Mandir in Sri Navadvipa Dhama, various devotees can be seen chanting their harinama, performing kirtans, stringing flower gardens, sweeping the area, and rendering other services. One devotee who not only does the above but also performs arati and offers bhoga to Srila Gurudeva daily is the […]

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