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Posted on 04/28/11 by admin-vasanti

The day after coming back from Cebu, we headed up to Baguio, the cool mountain town which is a great vacation spot for people escaping the heat of Manila, especially during Easter week (the week we were there). Jagadish prabhu is from another mountain town not too far from Baguio and has spent much time […]

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*Singing and dancing book racks*

Posted on 04/26/11 by admin-vasanti

Valentines day was coming up and we thought it would be a fun idea to give “The Way of Love” book for free whilst on Harinama. We asked Vasanti didi if that would be ok and she said sure. It was Ekadasi also. We went to Hackney, a notoriously heavy suburb of central London, and […]

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Posted on 04/24/11 by admin-vasanti

*Book Racks* Written by Kamala dasi We received $500 credit in books from the book sponsorship program. We are devotees who stay in Gurudeva’s preaching centre Gangamata Gaudiya Math (London). One of our devotees Sundarananda Prabhu bought racks and we designed a sticker saying Free Books. We have already distributed many of these in shops, […]

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New GVP Publication

Posted on 04/21/11 by admin-vasanti

In 1986, on the 500th anniversary of the advent of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Srila Gurudeva composed an article in Bengali, entitled “The Speciality of the Gift of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.” That article has now been translated into English and made into a small booklet, presented by the Rays of The Harmonist team. It will be […]

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Pioneers in Cebu, Philippines

Posted on 04/17/11 by admin-vasanti

  We arrived in Cebu on April 12th after spending a week in Manila. Radhesh prabhu (long time devotee) picked us up from the airport and brought us to Anjali didis house (she was initiated by Gurudeva last year via skype). Anjali is a little fireball. Her home was given to her by her parents […]

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Posted on 04/07/11 by admin-vasanti

Syamarani didi and I arrived in Kuala Lumpur on March 26th from Calcutta. We stayed the first few days in the KL center. Right when I walked in to the beautiful temple, I could feel Gurudeva’s presence and could visualize him sitting on the vyasana exactly where he sat when I saw him in this […]

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