Archive: December, 2010

Faridibad Book Stall

Posted on 12/15/10 by Raghava

Last weekend a group of 3 devotees including me & 2 others organised a book stall in one of the biggest shopping mall in Faridabad. By Srila Gurudev’s mercy I got the approval to organize a stall without any charge for 3 days. During these 3 days we Distributed about 300 Books from little ones […]

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Puri Book Distribution

Posted on 12/13/10 by Raghava

Today 2 girls from our book distribution seva team – Taruni dasi and Yamuna dasi – went out for an experiment. We wanted to distribute books near the Jagannatha Temple. We thought it would be a great chance to meet very pious people from all over India, who came especially to take darshan of Lord […]

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Bhubaneswar Book Fair

Posted on 12/12/10 by Raghava

BOOK DISTRIBUTION SEVA IN BHUBANESHWAR 07.12.2010 – 09.12.2010 Haribol devotees! Dandavat pranams and greetings from Bhubaneswar and Jagannatha Puri! Yesterday 6 young devotees in our ladies seva team travelled to the annual Bhubaneswar bookfair to continue the distribution of Srila Gurudeva’s transcendental literature. After an auspicious morning of parikrama of Sri Jagannatha Puri Dhama under […]

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