Archive: September, 2010

Yamuna Flood

Posted on 09/27/10 by Raghava

Dear All,The Yamuna River has not been so high in over 30 years. This year she kept growing and growing until she finally flooded homes and unfortunately, after devotees watching and watching – she flooded our basement book storage room. The water came in through the drains, so that is why no one caught it […]

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School Program in South Africa

Posted on 09/14/10 by Raghava

by Vasanti dasi On Saturday, Sept. 4, 2010 Syamarani didi, myself, Mukunda prabhu, Anupama prabhu, Asim-Krsna prabhu and Lalita didi went to a school in a rural town outside of Johannasberg. There were about 50 kids there and they were so incredibly sweet. First we chanted and we gave them all a Way of Love […]

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Preaching in India

Posted on 09/08/10 by Raghava

Preaching in India is challenging and inspiring. Everywhere people need Srila Gurudev’s books, in the West as well as in India. In our dealings with Indians we could understand, that Gurudev’s books are extremely necessary. Most of the Indians have the conception that all paths lead to Bhagavan, but they can not clearly define who […]

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