Archive: August, 2010

Report by Ramacandra dasa

Posted on 08/12/10 by Raghava

Haribol,All glories to Srila Narayana Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada,and all the assembled Vaisnavas. I want to thank youfor allowing me to express my sankirtan ventures to all thedevotees. I hope through my presentation of thefollowing events, other devotees are inspired to pushforward the desire of the parampara. Their desire is thatthe Hare Krsna movement is spread […]

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The Maha-magnet

Posted on 08/07/10 by Raghava

Book distribution report, Delhi July 29 – Aug 4, 2010 By Anita dasi The most exciting part of book distribution is when you see a recipient of a book come to meet Srila Gurudeva. The books are like tiny homing devices which seek out fortunate souls and sat guru is like a maha-magnet pulling these […]

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Story by Ananda Vardana dasa

Posted on 08/03/10 by Raghava

Heres an interesting story. This last weekend I went to a local nursery and was wearing a small badge with Shrila Prabhupada s picture. As I walked out into the parking lot one of the carguards sees me and says “Prabhupada !” so I say “Hare Krishna ” to him and he says “Hare Krishna […]

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