Archive: June, 2010

Not the Controller

Posted on 06/22/10 by Raghava

Book Distribution report June 20, 2010 by Anita dasi Reflecting back on the last two weeks I see that we make our plans but Sri Krsna has His own. Not that I should not make plans or try to do the seva as best as possible, but I definitely learned the need to be flexible […]

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Posted on 06/04/10 by Raghava

June 4, 2010 Book distribution report by Anita dasi Archana, the cousin of the family we are staying with, begged us to come visit her at her school. It’s an all girls government school with 3,000 students. We wandered through the halls past girls in neat uniforms, with braids tied with ribbons on the end, […]

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Hill Village

Posted on 06/03/10 by Raghava

June 2, 2010 Book distribution report by Anita dasi Its amazing what we take for granted. For example delivery of a couch . . . or some beds . . . Here in the Shimla area everything is built on steep hills. Hills so steep I could would be daunted to walk up them, much […]

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First Days in Shimla

Posted on 06/02/10 by Raghava

May 31, 2009 Book distribution report by Anita dasi With half the books we started with, we packed up and moved on to Shimla. When we were in Haridwar for Kumbha mela we met one family from Shimla. They invited us to stay with them. For weeks I have been talking to the mother and […]

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