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Posted on 07/17/09 by Raghava

Book Distribution in Puri DhamaReport written by: Sulata dasi On the morning of the Ratha Yatra, we all set out in the blistering heat towards the main road that joins the Jagannatha Mandira to the Gundica Mandira. Today, that same road, which is usually filled with locals going about their daily duties, would be host […]

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Jaya Jagannatha!

Posted on 07/01/09 by Raghava

Last Sunday was Ratha-yatra in London in Trafalgar Square. Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subadra mercifully gave darsan to thousands of onlookers in busy London. I went with the Gangamatas there with Srila Gurudeva’s beautiful book, “The Origin of Ratha-yatra.” We all met so many wonderful people who were so thrilled to receive this book from […]

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